Craven Museum on Tour comes to Cross Hills!

At our Craven Museum on Tour Library Roadshow event at Cross Hills, we invited our work experience students Libby and David to come along and get involved with a morning of hands-on history. The post below was written by David.

On the 29th of May we travelled to the Cross Hills Library and met some of the amazing people there. The museum brought their handling collection along including a replica stone age hand axe. Some people even brought their own items in and it was an overall great day!

Some of the objects brought in were absolutely amazing like this cook book from 1869! The cook book even described the oven as a ‘Modern oven’ which it is obviously not but it was in 1869. It even shows the changes to kitchen appliances such as the toaster in the book is just a box.

There was also this very interesting book which taught mothers how to give treatment to their child if it was required with the medical knowledge they had at the time which was around 1930.

See the rest of the objects people brought in on the People’s Museum page.


Neolithic pottery experts Mike and Claire

Mike and his wife Claire was also there with their amazing Neolithic replica pot collection which Mike made himself based on original archeological finds.

Thank you to all of the wonderful staff at Cross Hills library, to our volunteers and to work experience students! To find out more about what’s on at Cross Hills library, just follow this link. To find out about our upcoming library roadshows and museum events, check out our Events page!

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