Hands-On History at Settle and Ingleton!

Craven Museum on Tour is now well underway and in April we took the Library Roadshow to Settle and Ingleton, with our new Community Heritage Curator, Gemma Bailey.

We brought along our handling collection for more hands-on history sessions, which included some replica toys from the past such as a Jacob’s ladder and a spinning top.

We also continued collecting people’s stories and photographing their fantastic objects for our online People’s Museum. One of the objects brought to Settle was a 40 year old handmade teddy, who still has a working growl!

A handmade teddy!

In Ingleton, we were shown some fragments of pottery, collected by young enthusiast Sienna. Some are thought to be from the Medieval period (the two in the middle with the yellow/green glaze), and one is thought to be an example of transfer ware from the 1800s (the decorated blue and white piece).


A collection of pottery found in a local Ingleton back garden and from the riverside

We also had a letter written in 1915 by Wilfred Brown, the owner’s relative, who was a soldier serving in the trenches in France in the First World War. Unfortunately, he was killed in action before the letter ever reached its recipient.


A letter from Wilfred Own, a soldier in WW1

For more information on these objects and the others we received, check out our People’s Museum page. Do you have an object that is precious to you? We are still visiting libraries taking photographs and noting stories at our upcoming roadshows if you would like to share them with us. We want to see any objects that are special to you – they don’t have to be valuable or rare, just important to you!

Thank you to all visitors who attended and to our fantastic volunteers for helping out.

History of the Craven Museum

As the HLF refurbishment opens up an exciting new chapter in Craven Museum’s life, we’ve been working on a timeline of the Museum throughout the years since it was founded in 1928.

Click the images below to see the wonderful photos of the Museum in our collection and learn some fun facts about its history!

Do you have any more information about any of the photographs in our slideshow? Please feel free to contact us at museum@cravendc.gov.uk or using our contact form. Alternatively, you can call us on 01756 706407.

Have a photo or fact of your own that you’d like to share? Post it in the comments below or send it to us directly using the links above!