Craven College takeover!

Episode 3 of Craven Museum’s podcast ‘Stories and Treasures’ is now out, and students from Craven College have taken over to create a very special episode!

Craven Museum staff visited Craven College to challenge the students to make podcast episodes for the Museum podcast, using objects from our handling collection as inspiration, and we have two featured on this episode- have a listen here:

Here are the two objects that Olivia Parry and Daniel Bullock took inspiration from:


If you want to listen to more episodes of ‘Stories and Treasures’, you can listen right here on this blog! Just click here

Empty Museum!

Through December, the Museum was being carefully packed away by Restore Harrow Green (have a look at Decembers blog post for more!), and now the Museum is completely empty, apart from a few cases.


Craven Museum after all the collection has been taken into storage

All the objects in the Museum stores and on display have now been taken into storage for the next 18 months whilst the Museum is being redeveloped and redesigned, and it’s looking a bit strange!


Craven Museum Stores after the collection has been taken into storage

It’s not just the Museum and Gallery that are being redeveloped in this period; the Concert Hall will be fully updated and restored, and Research and Education Spaces created, all forming part of an exciting cultural Hub at Skipton Town Hall.

So this can all get underway, Skipton Town Hall is now closed, with the exception of the Hub space, which is still available to hire for workshops and events (if you’re interested, just click here to follow this link for more info), and the fantastic Visitor Information Service is now temporarily based at 35 Coach Street, Skipton.

What will the Museum team be up to during these next 18 months you ask? Well, we’ll be working closely with the Museum Designers to finalise the new Museum displays, conducting research to further draw out the stories of objects going on display, and helping write interpretation panels, ensuring labelling of the many objects going on display are correct, and undertaking conservation works on some of our objects. We’ll also be taking the Museum out on tour, with pop-up displays and events, as well as working with volunteers to catalogue Museum objects (last time they assisted on a project like this they helped us catalogue almost 300 objects – an amazing amount!).

So although the Town Hall and Museum are closed, there will still be lots of activities and things to get involved in – stay tuned and key an eye on this page, and the Skipton Town Hall social media to keep updated.