Packing up!

Since Craven Museum closed in September, the team have been hard at work, going through the Collection, and packing the Museum displays safely away in their boxes. This was all in preparation for the whole Collection being taken off site and put into Storage whilst the exciting building work takes place to transform the Museum. As there are some pretty big pieces in the Museum (a lead Ore Crusher anyone?!), a professional team of movers needs to be brought in, and they are currently in the Museum as I type!

ore crusher

Lead Ore Crusher, Craven Museum

Restore Harrow Green are carefully packing some of the larger objects, such as the Woodturner’s Lathe, various Clocks and Cabinets, Pianos, and of course, our famous Hippo Skull, which has greeted many visitors into the Museum.

Harrow Green 3

Craven Museum in the middle of being packed up

Some of these objects are actually too large to fit down the stairs, so we’ve had to take out one of the windows in the Museum Store, and lifted them through the window! It was quite a nerve wracking morning:

They will soon be finished in the Museum, not only taking away the larger objects, but also taking away the whole collection to be safely stored whilst the Museum is redeveloped.

If you want to find out more about the logistical challenges the huge task of packing up a Museum of 60,000 objects posed the team and how they got round them, have a listen to Episode 2 of our brand new podcast! Working with the Media Department at Craven College, we have created a podcast to go ‘behind the scenes’, with all aspects of this redevelopment project – you can listen on iTunes and Spotify (just type ‘Stories and Treasures’ into the Search Bar and it should come up) or listen right here on this blog, by following this link:

The Museum team will also be relocating with a carefully selected group of objects, and will be working hard to get out and about in Craven with a special programme of events and activities, so keep an eye out for events near you! They will also be working with the Interpretation and Museum Designers to create the brand new Museum, so the New Year is set to be an exciting, busy one!

Ta – Dah!

In case you hadn’t guessed from our hint a few weeks ago, Craven Museum’s big news is that we have created a podcast with the help of Craven College Media Department!

Stories and Treasures (1)

Our podcast, ‘Stories and Treasures’, aims to really get behind-the-scenes by chatting to everyone involved in the project. We will be talking to the Museum team, Volunteers, Museum Designers and Interpretation writers, and finding out what they do as part of this Heritage Lottery Funded redevelopment – and we are very excited to say that two Episodes are already out!

You can listen to ‘Stories and Treasures’ in iTunes and Spotify or you can listen to it right here on our blog – either click ‘Podcast’ on the Menu bar, or follow this link which will take you straight there:

We’ll be continuing to work with Craven College and have challenged students in the Media Department to take inspiration from objects in the collection and create episodes for the podcasts, which will be featured on ‘Stories and Treasures’. Read about it here:

We hope you enjoy it!