Meet the Team: Megan, University Placement Student

Here is a special blog post from Megan, an Archaeology Student from University who is undertaking her placement here at Craven Museum:

I have just recently begun a year long work placement here at Craven Museum as part of my Archaeology degree at Bradford University. I am particularly interested in Greek and Roman history (and there are plenty of Roman Artefacts here at the Museum! My particular favourite one is the Roman intaglio, an oval shaped amethyst with a scene from Greek mythology on it)



Roman Intaglio from Craven Museum


So far I have been working with the amazing staff as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded project to redevelop the Museum. At the moment, we are focusing on prepping the objects for storage whilst the Museum is redeveloped. As part of this, I’ve been helping to sort  through the Archaeology drawers, identifying what objects are in them and then checking them on the Museum catalogue.

Megan - Placement student 1

Megan looking through boxes of archaeological material

The move also means I have also been finding homes for items that were on display (such as boxes in the Museum Store containing objects that are similar in some way), as well as helping find interesting objects for the pop up displays across Craven whilst we are closed; and repacking the archaeology boxes which are full of all different types of treasures! The collection has all sorts of amazing objects from a plethora of Roman coins to human remains to an ancient Megalodon (a giant prehistoric shark) tooth!


Megan - Placement student 2

A juvenile Megalodon tooth 

I constantly feel the need to get up close and personal with the objects and ask lots of questions. Who did this item belong to? Where did it come from? Who made it? What is the story behind this item? I am loving my placement so far and cannot wait to see what other exciting tasks I will be doing over the coming months as well as getting to know the collection better.