It’s closing time…

Craven Museum is now closed!

Today was the first day of closure until the grand reopening in 2020, and it was very strange to see the Museum so quiet, with no visitors to the Museum, and without Sir Patrick Stewart’s dulcet tones narrating information about the Shakespeare First Folio.


Jenny and Rachel beginning to pack up the Museum displays

Although today was the first day being closed, the Museum team have wasted no time getting stuck into the mammoth task of packing up the Museum in preparation of our redevelopment. Rachel, the Museum and Collections Officer, and Jenny, the Museum Assistant, have already started the process of putting objects on display back into their boxes in the Museum store.


Jenny taking objects off display


It will take quite a while to ensure that all the objects currently on display are packed away safely, and into the right location. A lot of objects in our collection are often old and/or fragile, so packing them correctly is very important to keep the objects safe whilst they are in storage. All of the objects in the Museum have their own unique number (called an ‘Accession’ number), and whenever an object is moved from display back into the Museum Store, we have to make sure that we update the Museum catalogue with their new location. This means that we can track and find everything and that we know where each of the objects is stored, extremely useful when transferring 60,000 objects!


Packing up one of the objects on display to go into the Museum store

If you want to find out more about how we will be packing up the Museum Collection, come along to our special behind-the-scenes Museums at Night Event ‘That’s a wrap!’. We’ll be showing you how we pack fragile objects and challenge you with our great egg-packing competition. We will also have staff on hand to answer your questions on the best ways to store your own vintage treasures. For more information, have a look at our website here.

(also, if you find yourself missing Sir Patrick Stewart talking about the Shakespeare First Folio as much as we do, you can hear him chatting about the Folio here- we’ll be putting it on repeat!)