And so it begins!

This is our very first blog post as part of our Heritage Lottery Funded Project Stories and Treasures of Street and Dale, and marks the beginning of this exciting three year project to redevelop Craven Museum. So a big hello from the team at Craven Museum!

The three years will see a lot of change here at Craven Museum and Skipton Town Hall, including a period of necessary closure later in 2018, where all 60,000 objects in the Museum collection will be safely packed away and taken off site.

But first, before I go into any more detail about the project, let me say a little bit about Craven Museum itself.

Craven Museum was founded in 1928 by several enthusiastic local collectors who wanted one place where they could showcase to the people of Craven the objects they had accumulated, from various excavations and investigations of the local geology, archaeology and flora. At first, the Museum was actually located in Skipton Library, before being moved in 1973 to Skipton Town Hall across the High Street, and managed by Craven District Council.

Craven Museum’s collections have grown and grown to encompass a variety of subjects, including social and industrial heritage, resulting in an eclectic collection which mirrors the rich heritage of the Craven Dales. Currently, we believe the collection houses over 60,000 objects (more on that later!) located on site at the Museum, and includes Shakespeare First Folio, which is 1 of 4 on permanent display in the world! Have a look around Craven Museum in the video below:


Stories and Treasures of Street and Dale project will redevelop the Museum, improving access to the Museum by moving it to the ground floor, creating new and engaging displays and interpretation, and a purpose built museum store to ensure the collection for future generations. We will be putting on activities and events throughout the three years that will excite and inspire, and work with community groups to reach as many people as possible, as well as lots of volunteering opportunities. Later on in 2018, the Museum will shut and its doors will close to allow for the building works, but we won’t be closing off access to the collection – in fact, quite the opposite! Watch out for events and activities taking place across Craven, including objects and displays popping up in quite unlikely places….

In fact, we are hitting the ground running – this April, we have some Make and Take Crafts for families, and in May we have an exciting Museums at Night which will exploring heritage of textiles in the area, including how wool is turned to cloth with lots of chances to have a go! Check out the events page on Skipton Town Hall for more info:

This blog will feature posts from the Museum team, as well as the Architects and Museum designers, who be giving an inside view of the project, letting us share with you the parts of the redevelopment that normally we wouldn’t be able to. We are also starting a podcast alongside the blog which will allow us to explore the Museum, it’s collection, and the redevelopment. Watch this space!

So, lots happening, and we can’t wait to get started! Don’t forget to follow this blog, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages to be kept up to date!